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Dear Jagwar, user "BeGasy" would like to become admin on mg.wikipedia. You supported this request. When I was doing background checks I found a block on Commons. I would like to know if this is still an issue or if it is safe to give admin rights. However, it is hard to communicate in English, and I think my message was not understood. Could you perhaps translate the text below into Malagasy so "BeGasy" can read and reply? Thank you very much. Sincerely, Taketa (resaka) 10 Janoary 2016 à 20:47 (UTC)Répondre

Dear BeGasy, you were blocked indefinitely on Wikimedia Commons due to repeated uploading of non-free files and two times block evasion. Could you please give your side of the story. What happened? Do you have any intention of uploading files on mg.wikipedia? Sincerely, Taketa
Hi Taketa, I wish you a happy new year, and I am sorry for the late reply.
English is the mother tongue of none of us. I think you'll have a better success if you wrote to him in French (I saw you are fr-1).
As of the message translation you have the message below:
«Miarahaba anao Begasy, voasakana teo amin'i Wikimedia Commons mandrakizay ianao noho ny fandefasana rakitra tsy malalaka indroa ary noho ny fialan-tsakana. Mangataka fanazava mikasika izay zavatra nataonao izay aho tompoko. Inona no nitranga? Minia ny handefa ireo rakitra ireo eo amin'i mg.wikipedia ve ianao? Amin-kitsim-po, Taketa»
I am going to post the message on his talk page so he can see and explain. I'll let you know.
Jagwargrr... mailaka 12 Janoary 2016 à 22:04 (UTC)Répondre
Dear Jagwar, thank you very much. Taketa (resaka) 13 Janoary 2016 à 09:50 (UTC)Répondre
Hello Taketa, I've got a reply from BeGasy. He apparently was not well-aware of the importing rules at Wikimedia Commons (especially the necessity to put a licence on the files he had imported), and did not understand why he got warnings, then blocks. He actually did not infringe Commons policy on purpose. It was a misunderstanding problem. Now that he realises why he got blocked, he says he won't do those things again. — Jagwargrr... mailaka 15 Janoary 2016 à 13:52 (UTC)Répondre