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Voafafa ny fanovana ny Your Magerstry Lord Of The Vinerials Society (Dinika); voaverina amin'ny votoatiny teo aloha nataon...
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k (Voafafa ny fanovana ny Your Magerstry Lord Of The Vinerials Society (Dinika); voaverina amin'ny votoatiny teo aloha nataon...)
[[Sary:IPA Chart Rev 1993.png|thumb|Ny sary momban'ny renifeo sy zanapeon'ny AAI|640px|center]]
== Famisavisana ilay abidy ==
== Family 1st to aettle in Eastern Africa, Dr.James Lighton Macclordovas Saint Ives Of Ireland The Earl Gwen, Not of Yorkshire but Rather A Knight Of The Delta Omega Replantatipn In a New Land/s The Kings Holly Mission Was To Send Lancelot MacClordova's & These Knights ,Masons & Illuminatti Priests to What Became Africa & America. christopher Columbus C-Sails The 3 Familys Flagships,1 To Plymoth, 1 Africa, & 1 to Egypt.
:Translation:: Due to The Secretcy Of The Monarch Bishop Archabald Mccord, The Vatican has Cealed Robert Leigh Mccord-ovas XX Origional Geneology Due To Thier Forward Mentum ProtoType Relationships with the African Governmemt, The United States Senitors War Cabinet, |MO.Arins.net|
|MA.S.TC.|CO.FSF.ORiG.Organ-Donors|NY.SCG.|DC.SDS|VA.SRM| AlsoThe Italian Consulate*. Giovanni Vienna Boys Rome Studios, Returned Crucial Documents Thus Cementing The Knights Templar Location Of The 1st Familys "not Meaning Political Family" The Royal Families Of Eroupe That Settled Here In The US, And Other Countries."MIT CSAIL CERN ARCHIES THE HISTORICAL EVENTS IN DISSERTATIONS HOUSED AT THE EDU FACILITY." The dudty of The Honerable Judge "The Old Iowan " known For Algorithms Fortelling Future Events"and The Old Iowan Scriptures"The Vessll Logs Of The Mayflower ,Poems,palms,Scripture,Sculptures,Art,Kings,Earls KnightsGold."Judge Iowa,Sr.RobertLeighMccord" Sat in For The Supreme Court Rulling By The Appelite Court,Sr
RLMccord the Judge on The Cordovas Estate.. Vs RLMII son of Sr.McCord the Judge ."Familys Name Had To Be Changed Because Of A Private Matter .A DealvWith The US Government Transpired And Was To Remain Cealed ,"TopSecret"Named::LNLeeper,LIGHTONIVMACCLORDOVASNXXROCKAFELLERXXIII,Leigh,.UK.LTD.Trust.Account,Set up For The McCordsInExchangeFor"TRRRFGS." info. Dlls AndSanFernandoValleyLandRights.Enormous TaxesClemsonUniversityECommerceRoteryClubCalabasasMineShaftCorpoation,WithOnlyASr
Acclimaes =
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thttps://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/a/a5/IPA_Chart_Rev_1993.png/640px-IPA_Chart_Rev_1993.pngions, from liars. these saviorsSanFrancisco&DonSanDiegoDonMcCordovas vor ==
== Unicode ==